What’s a watch party?

A Watch Party is a group of people who meet in-person to experience an online service together. They build community and encourage each other to grow in their faith by watching praise and worship, as well as an encouraging message through one of our online platforms.

When to watch

We have an opportunity for you to host a Watch Party. Tune in online to watch live our Sunday service time:

9AM |10:30AM MST.

What to do

Step 1
Invite people to your Watch Party! We’ve created graphics that you can customize with your own details to text out as invites.

Step 2
Create the space. At Echo City, one of our values is that we bring the party. Please make sure that you create an environment that is set for a successful event and ready for your guests. Some suggestions would be to:

  • Have music playing when people arrive. Here is a link to our lobby spotify playlist.
  • Depending on how you are viewing the service, make sure that everything is prepared. For example, if you are connecting a laptop to your TV, have it ready prior to people arriving and be ready to hit, “Play.”
  • Have food and/or drinks prepared is always a great addition when gathering people.
    If there are kids at your Watch Party, we’ve got you covered! Please see the section above called, “For City Kids” on how to include all ages into your Watch Party experience.

Step 3
Make it memorable by posting pics to your social media accounts and by tagging @echocitychurch with the hashtag #ECCWatchparty. These photos are conversation starters and can feature anything from the people you watched with, First Time Guest you met, or all the yummy food that was served!

Step 4
As a host, we encourage you to enjoy the service, worship your heart out, amen the message, pray with your group, and set the stage for God to move in the people at your Watch Party experience.

Step 5
When the service is over, encourage others to get connected; this could include filling out the Online Connect form if they are a First Time Guest or just gave their life to Jesus, wanting to start Growth Track, serve on a team, or get baptized.

Step 6
As a host, please fill out the Online Watch Party form at the end of each service for your Watch Party.

This Sunday’s City Kids Online Experience:

Just like we do at all of our weekend services, we want our City Kids to experience Jesus at their own level. Please partner with us as we have created some fun, at-home activities that you and your child can do together. After watching the video, you can download the PDF file that includes follow up questions, as well as the activity. Thank you for working with us as we continue to move our City Kids forward!


We recommend keeping these links on hand to text, email, or message to Watch Party guests.

Q: How can I connect guests who come to my Watch Party for the first time?

Q: What if someone wants to give?

Q: What can I do if someone makes a decision to follow Christ?

A: We encourage you to celebrate with them, ask to hear their story, and pray with them. They can let us know by filling out this form so our team can follow up with them.

Q: What do I do if someone in my Watch Party wants to get baptized?

A: Send us an email to with their information (name, birthdate, and email) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: How can our Watch Party guests share their story with Echo City?

A: Have them email their story at: